Goodyear Playhouse

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Legacy06/31/19576
October Story10/14/19512
The Copper10/28/19512
Flight to Freedom11/11/19511
The Eleventh Ward11/25/19513
Money to Burn12/09/19513
I Was Stalin's Prisoner12/23/19511
A Softness in the Wind01/06/19521
Raymond Schindler, Case One01/20/19523
Tour of Duty02/03/19521
Crown of Shadows02/17/19521
Treasure Chest03/02/19523
Three Letters03/16/19521
Tigers Don't Sing03/30/19523
The Medea Cup04/13/19522
The Travelers04/27/19521
The Twenty-Third Mission05/11/19523
The Lantern Copy05/25/19522
Four Meetings06/08/19522
It's a Small World06/22/19523
Leaf Out of a Book07/06/19523
The Trial of Steven Kent07/20/19523
The Dusty Drawer08/03/19523
The Witness08/17/19522
Three Sundays08/24/19521
Roman Fever08/31/19523
Holiday Song09/14/19523
The Room09/28/19523
O Romany10/12/19523
Better than Walking10/26/19522
The Darkness Below11/09/19521
The Old Beginning11/23/19522
The Search12/07/19523
Mr. Quimby's Christmas Hats12/21/19522
A Medal in the Family02/01/19531
The Rumor03/08/19533
Wish on the Moon03/29/19533
The Long Way Home04/19/19532
The Accident05/03/19532
The Oil Well05/17/19532
Before I Wake05/31/19532
Her Prince Charming06/14/19533
Catch a Falling Star06/28/19533
Nothing to Sneeze At07/12/19533
The Young and the Fair07/26/19534
The Cipher08/02/19533
Ernie Barger is Fifty08/09/19532
The Happy Rest10/04/19534
The Burgundy Touch10/18/19531
The Haven11/01/19532
John Turner11/15/19533
Wings Over Barriers12/20/19531
Moment of Panic01/03/19542
Here's Father01/17/19543
The Brownstone01/31/19543
Game of Hide and Seek02/07/19542
The Huntress02/14/19543
Buy Me Blue Ribbons02/28/19543
The Inward Eye03/14/19542
Native Dancer03/28/19541
Spring Reunion04/11/19544
Old Tasselfoot04/25/19543
And Crown Thy Good05/16/19545
The Lawn Party05/23/19543
Write Me Out Forever06/20/19543
Suitable for Framing07/04/19542
Dear Harriet Heart-Throb07/18/19543
The Arena08/01/19544
Star in the Summer Night08/24/19542
The Power of Suggestion08/29/19544
The Big Man on Campus09/12/19543
Guilty Is the Stranger09/26/19543
The Personal Touch10/10/19543
Flight Report11/07/19542
Thunder of Silence11/21/19541
Last Boat from Messina12/05/19542
Class of '5812/19/19541
A Case of Pure Fiction01/02/19553
Doing Her Bit01/16/19552
Way Things Happen01/30/19552
The Rabbit Trap02/13/19555
My Lost Saints03/13/19553
The Chivington Raid03/27/19553
Beloved Stranger04/10/19556
Do It Yourself04/24/19554
Visit to a Small Planet05/08/19559
The Ghost Writer05/15/19554
The Catered Affair05/22/19551
Mr. Dorothy Allen06/05/19552
End of the Mission06/19/19554
Tangled Web07/03/19554
Man on Spikes07/17/19555
The Prizewinner07/31/19554
The Takers08/21/19553
Suit Yourself09/11/19552
The Merry-Go-Round09/25/19552
The Expendable House10/09/19556
The Patch of Faith01/22/19562
The Terrorists02/26/19564
Conspiracy of Hearts03/11/19561
Footlight Frenzy04/08/19562
Career Girl04/22/19563
The Sentry05/06/19562
In the Days of Our Youth05/20/19561
The Primary Colors06/03/19564
Sound the Pipes of Pan06/17/19561
The Film Maker07/01/19563
Country Fair Time07/15/19563
Pencil Sketch07/29/19562
Proud Passage08/12/19561
Grow Up08/26/19561
Ark of Safety09/09/19562
Missouri Legend10/07/19561
All Summer Long10/28/19563
Stardust II11/11/19565
A Murder Is Announced12/30/19563
Nobody's Town01/27/19572
Princess Back Home02/24/19573
First Love03/17/19573
The Gene Austin Story04/21/19573
A Will to Live05/12/19572
The Treasure Hunters05/26/19574
Your Every Wish06/16/19573
Backwoods Cinderella07/14/19577
Rumblin' Galleries07/18/19574
The Dark Side of the Moon08/18/19573
The House09/08/19573
The Best Wine09/29/19572